The main activities of the ACP-CD4CDM Project included:

  • Facilitation of national and regional workshops;
  • Production of analytical tools and guidebooks, building on the experience gained during the execution of the CD4CDM Project; and,
  • Institutional strengthening of DNAs and establishment of national CDM websites.

Special workshops were provided for national policymakers in order to clarify the potential benefits of CDM and create the political will needed to support CDM activities in the country.

UDP identified a national partner in each country/region, who acted as the core project implementation team while receiving direct technical and institutional backstopping from UDP and relevant regional technical centres of excellence.

Capacity and project development activities included support for the operationalisation of the DNAs in the target countries, and provision of hands-on capacity building workshops for relevant CDM stakeholders including civil servants, national experts and consultants, academia, financial institutions, and staff members of the DNA.

    Last updated: 7 April 2015

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